Welcome to The Khuraaki

Khuraaki was founded by a team of dedicated foodies who believe that nothing can beat home cooked fresh food in terms of health, taste and happiness! Khuraaki is also dedicated to providing the first ever halal recipe box to enable you to prepare your completely halal and fresh meals from scratch.


Home cooking has the power to bring about positive changes in the family and within a community and ultimately the world on the whole! Our founders believe that a family that cooks and eats together experience strong connections and bonds with each other. Fresh and wholesome ingredients that we strive to source for you through our 100% halal recipe box is intended to bring health, happiness and the joy of eating fresh food together. As our halal recipe box brings members of a family together, it also brings different families and friends together to bond over delicious and fresh meals.


At Khuraaki, we recognize and respect the power of cooking and sharing healthy and fresh food in building stronger families and communities. In today’s stressed world people are falling ill due to highly processed foods that they buy off the shelf with no time to cook! Lack of freshness in food or high levels of chemicals in packaged foods lead to a host of medical and mental illnesses.


With our 100% halal recipe box that is unique and one of its kind in U.K. we ensure the simplicity and sanctity of fresh home cooked meals are maintained. With our recipes, you can recreate balanced and delicious meals at home which serve to maintain your and your family’s health and happiness. Our USP’s include:


  • Genuine 100% halal meat that is locally reared.

  • Honesty and dedication to our values related to fresh halal food.

  • Commitment to reduction in food waste with accurately measured recipe and ingredients.

  • 100% Recyclable packaging.

  • Use of local produce to encourage sustainability and local business.

  • No confusion with respect to ingredients, their source or quality.

  • Simple and easy recipes to follow and easy to order.