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Facts about food waste you won’t believe

By Nutritionist Golnar Khaleghi

Food waste is everyone’s problem.

From production lines to our fridges, to the bottom of our trash bins. The wastage of food is leading to a drainage of resources, money, and even clean air.

At Khuraaki we believe that awareness about food waste is important, hence why all our recipe boxes are perfectly portioned pre-measured ingredients to prevent food wastage.

Did you know?

  • 1.3billion tons of food is wasted each year.
  • Only 37% of people know the difference between ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates. Foods with ‘use by’ dates are highly perishable and must be eaten before the date written. Foods with ‘best before’ dates can be eaten after the date on the packaging, although it won’t be at its best quality.
  • ¼ of wasted food could feed all 795million of undernourished people in the world.
  • Promotions in supermarkets can lead to more food waste. When we think we are getting more for our money, we buy more which we won’t necessarily use.

How can we help?

  • Don't over buy. Keep track of what you've bought and used. Additionally try making a list of items that you need to buy and stick to that list. This will help you reduce impulse buying and reduce food waste as well.
  • Store food correctly.Improper storage leads to a massive amount of food waste. Many people are unsure how to store fruits and vegetables, which can lead to premature ripening and, eventually, rotten produce.
  • Check the use-by dates of fresh food when you buy it. These are the dates to take notice of, rather than the best-before dates. Only buy what you can use before it expires.
  • Plan ahead.Think about what you're going to cook and how you'll use the leftovers.  


Rising awareness has meant that the rate of food waste has fallen. Let’s carry on this change and reduce food waste even more by saving our money and saving the planet.