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Why recipe boxes are taking the nation by storm?

By Nutritionist Golnar Khaleghi

You know what it's like. You get home after work exhausted, the fridge is empty, and before you know it you're dialing the number of your nearest takeaway. Cooking at the end of a long day can be overwhelming. Now, there is increasingly an alternative option on people's nightly menus as the popularity of recipe boxes is growing at an astonishing rate. 

Here are few reason why families, couples and even singletons are choosing recipe boxes.

1.    Reduces waste

Helping breathe new life into dinner or lunchtime, recipe boxes supply perfectly portioned pre-measured ingredients. If your not one for wasting food recipe boxes are ideal for you. With every recipe box, exact ingredients are sent out per person, therefore meaning no stray jars or packets will get thrown away. The idea is that not only will there be no food waste it will have a positive impact on the environment. 


2.    Better value than you think

It if often assumed that recipe boxes are expensive but at Khuraaki recipes costs as little as £4.50 per serving. This is not only better value than your average takeaway, it is also way more nutritious, well-balanced, guaranteed fresh and halal!


3.    You’ll cook new delicious recipes and save time

With recipe boxes you have the option of cooking from a variety of different recipes with minimal effort and easy to follow instructions created by our Nutritionists and chefs. There are a variety of different cuisines to choose from and you can mix it up with new flavours or twists on classics. The time you spend at a supermarket searching for ingredients will also be saved.


4.     Works with your diet

With our recipe boxes you can choose the recipes and number of meals that fit your lifestyle and diet. We cater for vegetarians, families, meat eaters and vegans. Additionally if you want recipes that are under 600 calories there are plenty of options available for you. 

Our recipe boxes are planned out for you, with clear steps so you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that you’ve got everything you need at home, ready to cook a delicious, nutritious dinner in no time.