Our Suppliers

Our focus and commitment are towards supplying 100% halal meat through our recipe boxes
and we are the first to do so in UK!

The halal market is gaining importance in the recent times and meeting the growing demand
for genuine halal products is our priority.

Through our recipe box, we supply 100% locally reared halal meat. All the vegetables we use
in our recipe box are also grown locally within the UK. While we make every effort to
source all our ingredients for our halal recipe box from local suppliers, some ingredients may
not be available due to seasonal variations. In these rare exceptions, we source our products
from other reliable and reputed markets that meet our stringent quality criteria.

Even within the local markets, we ensure that we apply strict quality criteria to filter out
nothing but the best and greatest producers, farmers and suppliers. The mediocre not-so- good
or good producers or suppliers do not make it to our list of preferred suppliers.

Our vetting process is stringent and thorough for every new supplier where they are subjected
to intense levels of scrutiny to see if they meet the highest sustainability and quality
standards. They need to also believe in our values as well as our commitment towards halal

Our vegetables in the recipe box are fresh, seasonal and are varied. Our interesting recipes are
known for their variety and the fresh produce that we source from the farms of UK.

Our team of experts follows up with our most trusted suppliers to ensure the quality criteria
are sustained as well as to discuss each and every new recipe requirements.

Because we can identify each of our producers and farmers, we know exactly where each
piece of ingredient in our halal recipe box is coming from. And precisely because we can
trace every meat to its origins, we also can ensure they meet the strictest halal regulations and
standards as required in the UK.